After Twitter Hacked, Trump Makes A MAJOR Statement That STUNS The Nation [DETAILS]

There’s a lot of things that Donald Trump is known for: money, sh*tty hair, orange skin, intolerance, bigotry, stupidity, Russian collusion, sexual abuse, bankruptcies…the list goes on and on. But, potentially, the most vital characteristic that makes up Donald J. Trump is his delusion. This man lives in a world all his own. And, the things he says because of it, rubs us “real world-ers” the wrong way.

You think people don’t know about your Twitter account, Donald? That’s like saying people don’t know about Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Your timeline is, essentially, your racist manifesto against the world. And “rogue”? I think your misspelling the word, “heroic.”

Again, you really think people aren’t paying attention to your tweets? They may be the thing that launches this country into an all-out nuclear war. You care more about that tiny blue bird than you do about the people of this great nation. And it’s more than apparent that your obsession with Twitter is only getting worse as time goes on.

You have a problem, Donald. Like a serious addiction. I know opioids are an epidemic right now, but we should worry about getting Donald to put the phone down cold-turkey – before we all pay the price for it. And while a few outlets are speculating that it was just some random employee on their way out of the office, there are other people saying more important forces may be behind this.

As we all know, Mueller is ramping up his federal investigation into the “possible” collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. Who’s to say Mueller and his team didn’t head over to Twitter HQ, lockdown his account for a handful of minutes, collect all of his tweets and direct messages and alike to use as more evidence? Only time will tell…

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