BREAKING: People Are Outraged After Trump Releases More Propaganda On Twitter

Donald Trump has continued to waste his and everybody else’s time with claims that the media is releasing “Fake News.” In the last two years since running for office, he has said that the press doesn’t really like America, that the media “is the enemy of the American people”, and he is constantly referring to journalists as “the most dishonest people.”

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Although he has made suggestions toward the media in the past, the statement that he released on Wednesday was the worst one yet.

He said, “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!”

There is more than enough audio and video evidence to prove that this man is a buffoon, and with Trump essentially handing over gem after gem, the news is basically writing itself.

The angry tweets have come flooding in:

Another Twitter user was quick to point out that the problem isn’t with the news but with Trump.

All one really needs to do is look back over the last few months at the way Trump has handled issues such as Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico to get an idea of his track record.

And this Twitter user was quick to challenge Trump’s credibility.

Anyone who isn’t embarrassed by Trump’s actions really needs to take a closer look at how he is destroying America’s reputation.

This Twitter user sure didn’t miss it.

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