Donald Trump Is Throwing An Epic Tantrum Right Now on Twitter, It’s All-Out Pandemonium!

Donald Trump is a straight-up idiot. Actually, I believe Rex Tillerson put it best when he said that Donald Trump is a “f**king moron.” It almost seems like he enjoys proving to the world just how little he knows – in addition to letting Americans know just how little Congress listens to him. It’s all fairly entertaining – until you realize your life is in his tiny, tiny hands. Then sh*t gets all-too real. Such was the case when Donald decided to tweet the following:

Oh, Donny. You love trying to distract us, don’t you? Well, sure, it was reported that Donna Brazile had some conflicting views with Hillary Clinton about how the Democratic party handled the election, but there is nothing the DNC has done that can even compare to your historic collusion with Russia to steal the Presidency of the United States! That may be the biggest crime in history, Donny Boy.

This is obviously a bit of distraction used on your part to lure us away from the Mueller investigation and indictments. More and more GOP and cabinet members are starting to fall, and the American people are eager for an impeachment. We have been since day one, but now, with it seeming like a reality, it’s gotten us believing in the Justice Department again. But we may be the only ones who do…

The only thing that would make this statement true is if you put “Donald Trump” in place of “This.” Boom. Nailed it. Because, let’s face it, the only collusion and dishonesty present throughout the 2016 election ALL came from the Trump side of things. We know it, he knows it – it’s just a fact.

And, hey, idiot. Aren’t you the President? Are you seriously asking us where the Justice Department is? Like a lost tourist in a mall? This isn’t a real question. You’ve obviously gone to the Justice Department with this – they’ve seen it as the nonsense it is – you got upset, and decided to let the American people bicker at them for you. It’s all a bunch of bullsh*t and we can’t wait till your reign of terror is over, Don.

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