JUST IN: Trump Shocks The Nation By Doing The Unthinkable Immediately Following Terrorist Attack

Immediately following a terrorist attack in New York City, where a supposed ISIS fanatic rammed his truck into a street full of pedestrians, killing eight and wounding dozens of others, Trump’s administration committed the most tasteless act imaginable.

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Less than a week following these tragic deaths, the Trump administration sent out an email to their supporters asking for money — and linking their petition to the eight deaths that occurred in NYC.

The email had been sent by “Trump Make America Great Again Committee” and asked supporters of the President to sign an “Official petition” to destroy diversity via visa lottery.

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Diversity Visa Lottery is a politically correct term used when the government randomly admits immigrants for the purpose of filling quotas.

According to the email, “The deranged animal who terrorized New York City came into our country through the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery’ — a politically correct government program that selects new immigrants at random with no other purpose than to fill quotas.

We can no longer sacrifice our sanity and our security at the altar of political correctness. … Now (Trump) needs you to join the call to end this backwards program.”

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Once the readers of the email sign the “Official Petition W.H. 4540”, they are then redirected to a page where they are asked to make a small donation.

It’s so tasteless and classless, even the Trump administration admitted it was likely to anger the media. Sadly, conning their way into pockets has become a habit for this administration and one that will continue until a stop is put to it.

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