BREAKING: Jeff Sessions ADMITS To Perjury, “Suddenly Remembers” Russian Meeting

If you think Donald Trump is the only liar currently lurking around the desolate hallways of the White House, you’d be dead wrong. Since being sworn in, ol’ dumb Donny Boy has surrounded himself with nothing but equally-evil sycophants, who are ready to carry out his bidding. And one of his most prized minions of mischief is our Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

However, Donny’s little “wonder elf” may be finding his little toes in some rather “hot water” soon. As it turns out, he may have committed perjury. So, what’s happened this last week has uncovered a lot about the administration’s collusion with Russia. And one of the main relayers of information has been George Papadopoulos, a former Trump aide, who recently admitted he lied to federal investigators about meetings with Russia.

One such fact of his testimony explained that Jeff Sessions, who was photographed next to Papadopoulos at said meeting, gave his two cents on whether or not the President should meet publicly with Vladimir Putin. This is alarming to many because during a nationally televised testimony of his own, in front of a jury of his peers, under oath, Jeff Sessions said that nobody in the Trump administration or campaign had any, “conversation with any Russians or any foreign officials.” Hmm…

While the American people are still waiting to see if Jeffy will amend his prior statement – perhaps by doing something elderly like “suddenly remember,” as a lame way to avoid repercussions – we’ve started to see some cracks in the thin, orange armor of this administration, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Donald Trump has ruined the lives of Americans for far too long – and he hasn’t even been in office a year! It seemed very dire there for awhile. As if, the world would permanently stay upside-down. Luckily (and hopefully) our Justice System will be able to bring this tyrant, and his goons, down before it’s too late!

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