JUST IN: Trump Terrifies The Entire Nation With His Most Dangerous Tweet To Date

Donald Trump is looking for any excuse to go to war – with anyone. Why? He knows that as soon as he does, all the heat that was on him (at least from the public) will shift over to that new debate of war. It’s part of the cycle of distraction that this administration employs on the regular. And it was business as usual on Friday morning, when our Commander-In-Tweets made this statement to the American people.

Donald obviously is unaware, or perhaps he’s choosing to stay ignorant, of the fact that ISIS will claim any act of terrorism as their own. They want to seem powerful; globally strong. But they are, in reality, very weak and don’t have a lot of pull amongst many in the Middle East.

But leave it to Donald Trump to politicize any tragedy that happens to this country. In record time, after the NYC attack, Donald was on Twitter pointing fingers and demanding changes. He’s so emotionally unstable, it’s going to land the American people in a whole heap of trouble if he’s not careful. Which he never is.

The people of this country are nervous. There’s really no getting around that fact. And it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. He’s mishandled every single thing that’s been slung across his desk in the Oval Office. He’s ruined our reputation amongst other world leaders. He’s made the United States isolated. He’s the worst!

Which is exactly what Putin wanted. He knew he could orchestrate his dumb little Donny Boy puppet anyway he wanted. And he’s been nothing but successful, thus far. But, with Mueller and his boys over at the FBI closing in on Trump, we may be able to regain control of our country sooner than we thought…

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