People Are Calling For Trump’s Resignation After His Most Outrageous Statement To Date

If you’re name isn’t Donald J. Trump, our President doesn’t give two sh*ts about you. If you can’t add to his already-overwhelming bank account, he doesn’t want you around. And if you’re the widow of a fallen soldier with him as President, be prepared to be offended.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this story, Donald Trump apparently called a widow of one of the soldiers who was killed in Niger.

During the conversation, which was being conducted on speakerphone for everyone with the widow to hear, Donald disrespectfully said that her husband “knew what he was signing up for.”

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Wow. Unreal. A more offensive statement has never before been said to a grieving widow.

What a horrible, tasteless thing to do. And when we think “horrible and tasteless” we immediately think of Donald Trump.

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Well, one never to fess up to anything, Donny Boy played it coy and said he never said anything like that to the poor women and claimed he has “proof” of his “innocence.”

How about you go ahead and lead with that “proof” you have, Donald? What’s that? It doesn’t exist?

Yeah. That’s what we thought, you f**king moron.

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