BREAKING: Nation Is Furious After Top Republicans Brutally Attack Hillary Clinton

Republicans are afraid of taking responsibility. They’re horrified of it, actually. That’s probably why they routinely pass the buck and point fingers at everyone – but themselves. Gone are the days of a humble member of the GOP. In Donald Trump’s “America” it’s all about lies, greed and deceit. Which is basically the antithesis of what Barack Obama and his administration stood for. And, had she not been the victim of the biggest burglary in history, Hillary Clinton would’ve shared those same values.

And even with the federal indictments pouring in for high-ranking Trump officials, that hasn’t yielded the Republican party from trying to blame this whole mess on Hillary Clinton and her campaign team – namely John Podesta.

Even during the election, Donald Trump and his cronies were tirelessly attacking the character of Hillary and Podesta. It was a daily squabble with those two. And, still, even months after they’ve been in office, the Trump administration is trying to drag Hillary under the bus. But the American people are smarter than to buy Donald Trump’s nonsense.

We, the intelligent people of this once great nation, are well aware of the distraction tactics that the White House employs on a regular basis. They are deathly afraid of the pubic catching on to their criminal methods and illegal activities. Luckily, with Mueller’s investigation ramping up, it won’t matter how many spin stories this presidency releases, justice will be served.

Impeachment or resignation. Those are the only two ways this nation can survive the tyrannical rule of Donald Trump. His intolerant, bigoted political moves have only grown worse with time. We thought, even at his worst, we’d be able to handle his idiocy, but it’s reaching a point of no return. We can’t sit back and let this man bring us into a nuclear war. We must act now.

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