Kellyanne Conway Just Went On Wild Tangent Attacking Hillary Clinton, People Are Furious!

There is nothing this administration, or it’s “loyal followers,” won’t do or say to distract the American people from the REAL issues plaguing our White House. With the Muller investigation surrounding the obvious collusion between Trump and Russia during the 2016 elections getting more and more heated with each day, our POTUS, and his cronies, will stop at nothing to shield the eyes of the nation away from the corruption that’s taking place in Washington, D.C.

During an interview on Sunday, Kellyanne Conway was full of false statements and claims that she couldn’t wait to unleash on the viewers. Amongst her insanely misinformed responses and comments, was a statement she made about Hillary Clinton being her own worst enemy during the campaign.

Conway said, “Hillary Clinton, as Donna Brazile just pointed out, she was a walking talking treasure trove of how to beat Hillary Clinton. We never needed to look farther than her. As Donna pointed out, there was this feeling of inevitability and smugness over in Brooklyn that they didn’t have to campaign on the issues that they didn’t have to campaign hard.”

Wow. Unreal. This was a response to a question on whether or not the Trump administration ever thought about colluding with Russia to bring down Hillary. Which has basically been proven, given the constant influx of new information and evidence that Mueller and his team are consistently sifting through.

Conway then, unwisely, added, “I’d be happy to never talk about the 2016 election again. The reason we’re still talking about it is because of the DNC, because Hillary Clinton is on a book tour.” Uhh…no. Actually, the reason we’re still talking about it is because your boss stole the damn presidency away from this country, and we’re hellbent on bringing him (and his administration) to swift justice!

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