JUST IN: Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan Proves Republicans Care More About Money Than American Lives

Tragedy has struck America again, with yet another deadly shooting claiming the lives of innocent bystanders. But with Republicans still refusing to acknowledge gun laws and avoiding the change that could bring an end to these types of massacres, what more can we do?
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The shooting, which occurred a mere 35 days after 58 people were shot dead during a mass shooting in Las Vegas, has already been ranked among the top four most deadly mass shootings in modern American history.

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Following suit with those offering up their reactions to the incident on Twitter was House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican Congressman from Wisconsin.

The Trump administration declared it too soon to talk about gun control during the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting last month, which went on to become the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, and many Americans have grown tiresome of politicians simply offering condolences instead of actually trying to stop gun violence.

Ryan himself was rewarded almost $6,000 from the NRA during the 2016 electoral cycle and has received a shocking $172,000 in total. The organization hands out millions each year to Republican political campaigns, lobbying against gun control and putting out dangerous gun-related propaganda.

The NRA owns the Republican party, it might be the most open secret in American, but to sit back and watch your fellow Americans be slayed, so that you can make a little more money, there isn’t much worse.

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