JUST IN: Outrage After NRA Insults The Victims Of Tragic Texas Shooting

The NRA, and the members within it, are morons. Just like our Commander-In-Tweets, all they care about is profiting off the lives of innocent Americans. No wonder they get along so well together. And, while you would think that the NRA would at least wait a second before making a statement – they wasted no time in politicizing the tragedy that happened in Texas. In reference to “magazines” & “clips” they tweeted the following:

Wow. I’m sorry, but F**K YOU, NRA! You and your gun-toting moronic following have no decency left, do you? Innocent people lost their lives because you have relentlessly worked with the members of the GOP to pass obnoxiously loose gun laws and restrictions. And the American people are sick of it.

You would’ve thought that the first mass shooting years ago would’ve been enough to bring about change in this country, but nope. It has only proven that people in government care far more about money, than they do the lives and well-being of the American people. The fact that people in Congress flat out refuse to even discuss gun control laws is absurd.

Seth Moulton, a powerful Democrat, felt this same rage when he responded to the NRA’s tweet by saying (with a wealth of sarcasm laced within it): “Thanks, @NRA, for helping us focus on the real issues here, literally minutes after more Americans are massacred.” He’s right. How dare they try to make themselves the victims in this ordeal. It’s downright disrespectful.

The time has come to completely rework and restructure the gun control laws in this country. The current legislation we have in place is littered with too many convenient loopholes. We must strengthen and protect these future pieces of law, in order to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

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