BREAKING: Kentucky GOP Senator Just Demanded Trump’s Resignation

The exposure of Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long sexual harassment scandal brought Trump’s infamous “Access Hollywood” tape – in which he bragged about grabbing women between the legs without their consent – back into the spotlight.  Of course, White House staffers downplayed the incident and shifted the blame.  Even Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who is known for his attempts to erode the separation of church and state, called for all politicians entangled in sexual harassment claims to resign.  He must have missed the memo about the “Access Hollywood” tape because according to his demand, Trump should quit.

Bevin stated during a news conference:

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“These allegations are, as I have said, reprehensible, they’re indefensible, they’re unacceptable. Period.”

He added, “Given the severity of these, the specificity of these, the nature of these, I am calling on the immediate and for the immediate resignation of every individual who has settled a sexual harassment case, who is party to trying to hide this type of behavior.”

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Female lawmakers have begun coming forward to report sexual harassment in the workplace without citing any names specifically.

Several Republicans resigned this year due to strange sexual fiascos.

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