Outrage After Jennifer Lawrence Blasts Trump On Live TV — Conservatives Are Furious!

Jennifer Lawrence threw everyone for a loop when she guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live and delivered the show host’s Halloween prank – impersonating Donald Trump. At the beginning of the show, Lawrence announced, “We have something for you that is both a trick and a treat.”

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Every year, Jimmy invites parents to pretend they ate all of their kids’ Halloween candy. And once again those parents delivered in a huge and bigly way.”

Lawrence impersonated the way Trump often says two of his favorite words. She even mocked his strange jaw drop perfectly and received loud cheers for it. “So here it is,” she continued. “The seventh annual ‘Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy.”

The actress took another shot at Trump when she added, “Hashtag sad”.

It’s no secret that Jimmy Kimmel is not a fan of Trump and takes every opportunity to remind the President of his unsavory traits. As with the best things in life, the tragedy that is currently the White House is best coped with through mockery and laughter.

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