Did Donald Trump Just Openly Prove He’s An Intolerant Racist?

Racists, like Donald Trump, will never change their ways. They will never be able to live a tolerant lifestyle. They are so constantly consumed with hatred that they know no other way of living. It’s truly sad, when you think about it. But, what’s even more depressing is we have a racist currently running our country. And he’s continuing to run it directly into the ground. Especially, because he can’t control his bigotry-laced instincts. Such was the case when he made this wildly offensive remark about Senator Elizabeth Warren.

He was already publicly criticized and reprimanded for this racial slur, but did that garner an apology from Trump? Nope. Did that stop him from making a similar comment like that in the future? Obviously not, as you can see with that aforementioned tweet. The hatred and intolerance is alive and well in the White House.

And the pathetic way Donny Boy is trying to “rally his troops” to support his nonsensical dive into Hillary Clinton is just sad. Talk about reaching for straws, huh? This guy can feel the heat coming from Mueller and his team, as their investigation is only getting closer and closer to a conclusion. He’s terrified.

Donald is going to keep trying to shield the American people’s eyes from the evidence that continues to pour in proving his ties to Russia during the election. It’s the only way he knows how to survive during moments like this. But, honestly, the fact he’s become so unhinged that he’s (again) using racial slurs in a public form is all-too telling of his sh*tty, sh*tty character.

The man’s an out-and-out monster. There’s absolutely no debating that. With the help of Mueller, and the hardworking men and women in Congress (like Senator Warren), this nation will soon regain control of their country in the form of a much-deserved presidential impeachment. Get ready for court, Donny Boy!

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