BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Got Hit With Devastating News From His Own Party

The collective American people have been cheering on Mueller and his special counsel of investigators for months now – hoping that this f**king moron currently residing in the White House will feel the swift boot of justice any day now! And while the indictments continue to be handed out amongst a team of Trump staffers, citizens of this country were pleased to hear that the GOP won’t even consider getting in the way.

Despite what Donald truly wants his government underlings to do, Paul Ryan officially stated that they will not impede or obstruct the continued investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller and his team over at the FBI. Which, as you can safely presume, has got the thin orange hairs on Donald’s pock-marked neck standing straight up in terror.

During an interview on Sunday with Fox News, Ryan was asked, point blank about the investigation. To which, he replied, “We’re not going to interfere with his investigation. Let these career professionals at DOJ just do their jobs and finish their job, and that’s what we’re going to do. Let them do that.”

Even though that should go without saying, it comes as a sigh of relief to the American people. We’ve known since he’s inauguration day, that nobody in the GOP wanted him in charge. We knew they were begrudgingly working alongside him, in hopes he would calm down and become more docile. Well, as they’ve clearly seen over the course of these months that he’s been president – that’s just never going to happen.

This was a fork in the road for the GOP. They could’ve just as easily chosen to support their Republican President, in honor of party loyalty – but that would just led to the ultimate demise of the country. So, the choice basically made itself. Now all we have to do is wait for Mueller to wake us up one day soon with news of impeachment – and everything can go back to normal!

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